Can a Regular Eye Exam Detect Glaucoma?

A complete eye exam is often the only way to detect glaucoma. The optometrist will perform a simple, painless procedure called tonometry during the routine eye exam, in which the eye's internal pressure is measured. This helps to determine if you have glaucoma or another condition. After diagnosis, your optometrist can recommend a specialized treatment plan.Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that cause damage to the optic nerve, and many of its forms increase pressure inside the eyes.

It's similar to using mirrors on a periscope to see areas that wouldn't otherwise be visible to the naked eye. Patients with thin corneas have artificially low eye pressure, while those with thicker corneas have inflated readings. To avoid this irreversible visual impairment, it's important to have your eyes examined by an eye doctor for glaucoma, especially if you have some of the known risk factors, such as a family history of the disease.Every glaucoma test is different, so you need to understand how they work. Because it has no noticeable symptoms, glaucoma is difficult to detect without regular and comprehensive eye exams.

A complete evaluation will also include an eye exam with dilated eye dilation. When evaluating glaucoma, the eye doctor will dilate the eyes so that a 3D enlarged view of the optic nerve can be obtained. This helps determine the condition of the optic nerves and glaucoma. It will evaluate the shape, color, depth, size, and vessels of the optic nerve.

In addition, an examination of the central and peripheral retina will be performed.Gonioscopy can help determine if this area (the angle) is open or closed (blocked), which can affect how fluid leaves the eye. If the optometrist knows the thickness of the cornea, he can better understand the pressure inside the eyes. An eye pressure test (tonometry) uses an instrument called a tonometer to measure the pressure inside the eye. Some optometrists use a different instrument, which uses a puff of air and does not touch the eye, to check pressure.If glaucoma is detected during an eye test, you should be referred to a specialist eye doctor for further testing.

Glaucoma is one of the most dangerous eye conditions that exist and can cause permanent loss of vision. Market Mall Optometry offers comprehensive eye exams to detect the early onset of glaucoma and can offer personalized treatment options to minimize symptoms of the disease if a diagnosis is confirmed.

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