Is Optician a Good Career in Canada?

Opticians are in high demand in Canada due to the number of retirees in the field. As an optician, you will be responsible for placing and adjusting eyeglasses, contact lenses, low vision devices, and other eyewear to match prescriptions. You may also be responsible for contact lens fitting, contact lens professional duties, optical dispensing, ophthalmic dispensing, optical dispensing, optical dispensing, O. Optical dispensing, and selling.

Additionally, you may be required to collect prescriptive information to produce eyeglasses or organize the production of eyeglasses, polish and polish lenses, and adjust finished eyeglasses to fit customers. You may also be asked to supervise or manage the activities of students and other opticians. Those who work in retail stores may have to work some nights and weekends. In Alberta, opticians must have a combination of internship experience and technical courses.

For a list of schools and programs recognized by the National Association of Optical Regulators of Canada (NACOR), visit their website. For more information on what you need and other details, visit the Optical certification profile. Opticians can be employees or independent owners of optical services. Some opticians work in partnership with eye doctors, optometrists, or a group of optical professionals. Salaries vary depending on the company and the optician's skills.

Some receive commissions for the sale of optical devices. In Canada, optometrists can work in private offices or in the public health system. New job offers in the sector will come mainly from the opportunities that arise when practicing optometrists retire or, to a lesser extent, from the increase in employment. If you're planning to continue your career in Canada, learn more about optometrists' job requirements, job search strategies, partnerships, and more. In these environments, you'll be surrounded by other optometrists who are likely eager to collaborate and connect with others who share a similar career path. This means that the profession of optician has moved from the Opticians group (NOC 323) to the Optics group (NOC 32100).

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