Where Do Opticians Make the Most Money in Canada?

The highest hourly wages for opticians in Canada are found in Saskatchewan, where average salaries are around 12% higher than the national average. People in Ottawa and Brampton, Ontario, and Calgary, Alberta, have the highest average salaries for opticians. On the other hand, opticians in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, and Edmonton have the lowest salaries. Generally, people visit opticians after consulting other eye doctors.

To become an optician in Canada, you must have formal education, training, and various levels of accreditation. After passing the licensing exam, you must apply for registration with the provincial regulatory agency, which is usually an association of opticians. The purpose of these regulatory bodies is to regulate and oversee the practices of opticians in the province. It is projected that new job opportunities for opticians will increase due to replacement and expansion demands.

The optician should read the prescription, ask patients questions, and find the right lens options. It is evident that the work of an optician is complementary to that of an optometrist and an eye doctor. Depending on the patient's condition, opticians provide and recommend glass lenses, contact lenses, magnifying lenses, and eye prostheses (artificial eyes). To become an optician in Canada, you must enroll in an optician training program offered by an accredited educational institution.

If the eye doctor sees that a corrective lens is necessary, he will write a prescription that the patient takes to an optician. In addition to reviewing the salary of opticians in Canada, you will also discover other essential benefits of this job and why it might be the perfect career choice for you. This increase in demand will apply to opticians as vision problems become more common with age. The salary estimates are based on 106 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by an Optician employee. In addition, it must offer the accredited programs of the Canadian Opticians Association together with the NAIT.

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