What is the Highest Paying State for Licensed Opticians?

Are you a licensed optician looking for the best place to work? You may be wondering which state pays the most for your profession. The answer is Wyoming, which pays the highest wages for opticians. North Carolina, on the other hand, pays the least. To get a better understanding of the wages of opticians by state, you can use the Create Custom Tables feature.

This feature provides a list of all industries that employ opticians and dispensers. You can also use the Create Custom Tables function to get a list of all areas that employ opticians and dispensers. In addition to wages, you can also find data on the number of opticians in each state. This data can help you determine the popularity of working in a given location.

You can also find out the number of opticians per 1000 jobs in each state. This figure can help you decide which state is best for your career. The states and areas with the highest published jobs, location ratios, and salaries for opticians are Wyoming, California, New York, Texas, and Florida. These states offer the best wages and job opportunities for opticians.

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